Virtual parties During coronavirus outbreak

In the current crisis there is no need for your child to miss out – hold a virtual teddy bear making party.

Use a conferencing platform such as zoom to connect with your child’s friends and all have a go at making the teddies at the same time.

Image result for zoom

We are still sending out kits and can send you whichever kits you would like. Simply deliver them to each house – keeping your distance. Leave a cupcake with the kits so you can all eat cake at the same time.

Make sure you leave instructions about the date and time you want to connect your child’s friends.

When you do connect break the ice with a few games – you try some challenges for example the first one to find something red, or maybe a game such as Simon says which you could all play online.

When its time to get making the bears get each child sitting where they can see each other with an adult to help and get making.

Don’t forget to bring out the cake and all sing happy birthday and then everyone can eat their cupcakes.

Certainly a party with a difference !!


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