Top 10 Ideas for a Teddy Bears Picnic

  1. Have a build a bear activity – check out the range on – 10 small kits cost just £69.99 and will prove a hit with all children – all kits are strictly no sew. Rainbow Teddy Bears
  2. Have a teddy bear treasure hunt – cut out pictures of teddies from magazines, old cards or download from the internet and hide around the garden or house. Hide enough for each child to find at least 2.
  3. How about a pin the nose on Teddy game. If you are artistic you can draw a teddy or checkout amazon for games to buy.Ideas for a Teddy Bears Picnic
  4. How about a teddy race. Each child lines up and places teddy between their knees, they then have to try to run along a course – winner gets a small prize.
  5. Bears and lumberjacks game

    All children pretend to be lumberjacks in the forest by miming chopping
    You shout very loudly ‘the bears are coming’ and all the lumberjacks have to lie down very still on the ground
    The adults walk among them doing ridiculous bear acting (sniffing them, growling), and anyone who giggles or moves has to become one of the bears and join in the bear acting next time round
    Re-start with ‘all lumberjacks back to work’

  6. A variation on an a game of what’s the time Mr wolf – What’s the time Mr Teddy.
  7. Use Teddy Bears picnic music for a game of pass the parcel.
  8. Decorate teddy shaped biscuits. Before the party buy a teddy bear cutter and bake some bear biscuits then on party day decorate with icing and other treats to eat at the picnic.See the source image
  9. Use your teddy cutter to make some teddy shaped sandwiches . Or make teddy faces on the sandwichesteddy bear sandwich10. Make some teddy footprints leading up to your front door to welcome children to the party.

Above all enjoy your party

Top 10 Ideas for a Teddy Bears Picnic
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