Ideas for a great Dinosaur party


Read on for tips and ideas for a great dinosaur party.

Did you love dinosaurs as a child?

Can you remember the first dinosaur you heard of ?

Maybe the mighty T-Rex, the graceful Brontosaurus or the strange looking Triceratops ?


Chances are you may have a child who also is fascinated by dinosaurs – a perfect opportunity to plan a make you own dinosaur party. Here at party teddies we have 3 great dinosaurs that would love to come to your party

Tops the triceratops
Tops the Triceratops 
Rex the T Rex
Rex the T rex


Burley the brontasaurus
Burley The Brontasaurus


All these dinosaurs are easy to make and come with everything you need – check out our how to build a bear page to see just how easy it is. They are easy enough for children from 3 upwards. The 8inch versions are perfect for those under 5 years whilst the bigger version suit older children. Whichever you choose they are sure to be a hit at your next party.

Continue you party with some dinosaur themed food –

fruity dinosaur snack
Supply lots of chopped up fruit and let the children create their own fruity dinosaur, which they can then eat.
lava cakes to make
How about some rice crispy lava cakes. Simply mix the rice crispies with melted chocolate – mould into volcano shapes and then dry drizzle with red/ yellow icing.


And of course no party is complete without some games – it could be pin the tail on T rex, or how about a dinosaur hunt – simply hide some pictures of dinosaurs in the garden for the children to find, or maybe a game of sleeping dinosaurs to calm things down a bit. Checkout this website for more great party game ideas.

And of course with our build your own dinosaurs you won’t need party bags as each child will take home their very own cuddly dinosaur.


Ideas for a great Dinosaur party
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