Heart Beat Bears

Our bears can provide a unique keepsake for anyone that is pregnant. A simple recordable sound module that enables parents to record a babys heart beat during a scan can be purchased and inserted into any of our bears or other animals. Hearing your babies heart beat helps you to bond with your baby and is a lovely way to involve siblings, grandparents, family and friends before your baby is born.

Heart beat bear

                                                                                     Its so simple to do

  1. Purchase the sound recoding module when you buy a bear 
  2. Take to your next scan appointment – when the sonographer locates the heart beat ask if you can record this using the sound module – allow the module to record for the full 16 seconds. It can be a good idea to practice making a recording before you go to your appointment.
  3. Before you leave the appointment make sure you have captured the heat beat.

4. You can now place the stuffing in the bear and lastly the sound module. close the bear with the zip tie and velcro. You now have a beautiful heart beat bear.

5. If you already have your babies heart beat recorded on a mobile phone you can transfer that to the recordable heart.

Now everytime you squeeze your bear you will hear your babies heartbeat.


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