Bear Making Party at Home tips.


Having a make a bear party at home doesn’t have to difficult.

A bear making party is a great option for children.  They can get creative, use their imagination to name their new friend, and have a magical experience as they insert the wishing heart, and create a new friend. There’s no need for party bags as each child will take home a fabulous new friend.

Take a Look at some of our tips to help you organise the best party ever for your child.

  1. Decide how much to spend. Remember with a bear making party you won’t need party bags saving money on the overall cost.
  2. When looking at venues remember you don’t need a lot of space for a bear making party. You could organise extra craft activities such as decorating a t shirt for your bears. If the weather is nice the local park can make a great free venue just take lots of blankets to set out your bear making equipment. The park also makes a great place for burning off energy if you have excited children. If space a home is a problem maybe check out the local village hall these are often hired out by the hour at a low cost.
  3. Invitations – we can supply free party invites for you when you place an order.
  4. Keep food simple.  Pizza provides a great option or take at look at this website for easy party food ideas

  5. Party Themes are a great ideas and our bear making kits can provide a great starting point how about a unicorn themed party Luna the Winged Unicorn 8″, a zoo animal party, pony party  and much more. With a theme you can adjust games to fit the theme.  Examples could be Pin the horn on the unicorn, if your child loves Duck Duck Goose how about changing this to unicorn, unicorn , pony. Check out this website for more game ideas.
  6. When it comes to building your bears check out the video on our website. Full instructions are included on each pack of fibre stuffing.  How about hiding the bear skins around the house or garden. Your party can then strart with a treasure hunt  so that each child can find a bear to stuff. Take a look at the range of kits we have – Host your very own Bear Making Party at Home
  7.  You can extend the bear making with a make a wish ceremony as children insert the wishing hearts, a bear naming ceremony . Make sure you have plenty of pens and pencils to complete the birth certificates.
  8. At the end of the party make sure each child gets their bag to take home their bear and then sit back and take a well earned rest.

Bear Making Party at Home tips.
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